Christiansburg High School Students Get Smart About Credit

F. Brad Denardo, President and CEO of National Bank, recently visited Christiansburg High School to discuss the do’s and don’ts of credit with 9th-12th grade students in Mr. Gerald Millner’s Economics and Personal Finance classes.
Mr. Denardo presented the students with a solid basic definition of credit and expanded on relevant topics such as interest rates, credit history, budgeting, credit reports and identity theft. Students were presented with examples of loans with different interest rates and repayment periods to illustrate how the cost of credit can vary greatly given small differences in initial terms.
“In this day and time it’s important for young adults to have a solid grasp of responsible credit use,” said Mr. Denardo. “Whether it’s a college education, an automobile, or a place to live, credit is absolutely essential to establishing a solid financial foothold in today’s world. National Bank, along with banks across the country, is committed to helping students gain a better understanding of how to wisely use credit.”
Founded in Blacksburg in 1891, National Bank is a community bank with 26 offices throughout Southwest Virginia.  The bank is a subsidiary of National Bankshares, Inc., a Blacksburg-based financial holding company with $1.1 billion in assets.