Security Center

Your Security is Our Priority
Protecting your valuable personal information is very important to us. We employ the latest technology to ensure that your personal information remains safe and secure, whether you bank with us online or in person. We also want to help you protect yourself. Most identity theft scams attempt to trick you into willingly giving away your valuable personal information.

Protect Yourself. Get Educated.
View our ID Theft Videos below or choose from the other security resources on the right and get the information you need to help prevent identity theft.
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Never give out personal information in response to unsolicited emails, phone calls, or text messages!.
Do not respond to these messages even if they look and sound legitimate or threaten dire consequences. National Bank does not ask for personal or account information unless it is a direct response to a customer's request.

If You Have Become a Victim...
If you have given personal information in response to a suspicious call, email, or text message claiming to be from National Bank, call our Customer Assistance Center immediately at 800-552-4123.